An Introduction to Catholic Bioethics

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This course is offered by the Bioethics Forum of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of India (CCBI). This course is primarily designed for Catholic Doctors, Nurses and Hospital administrators. It will take you through the basics of Catholic moral principles and help you apply these principles to everyday clinical practice.

Welcome to this introductory course in Catholic Bioethics! This course is designed to equip you with the fundamentals of Catholic bioethical principles and help you to apply these principles in everyday clinical and healthcare settings. These principles draw on a rich tradition of Catholic engagement in healthcare over the centuries.

This course was prepared by the Catholic Bioethics Forum of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of India. The Bioethics Forum is a consultative forum that engages with moral questions arising in clinical practice, biomedical research and public policy on healthcare issues through a person-centred bioethical approach. The forum engages in scholarly dialogue with healthcare workers, bioethicists, lawyers and theologians; and seeks to develop the implications of the teachings of the Catholic Church for emerging fields of medical practice and public policy.

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