Management & Leadership Course

CHAI is conducting an online Management & Leadership course in association with Rajagiri College of Business Studies, Kerala. The course envisages to develop a cadre of leaders/ administrators of the CHAI hospitals, who in turn can become a supporter/resource person for other catholic hospitals across India.

Community Health Enablers Programme

CHAI Welcomes you to this online Community Health Enablers Program (CHE). This is in line with CHAI’s VISION 2030 to encourage the education and professional growth of sisters from the members institutions. This training program conducted with the support of Hilton Foundation and Hilton Fund for Sisters supports to address the gap felt in addressing the community health issues.

Health Action

Health Action is a repository of resources covering case studies, research papers, articles, industry trends & news related to healthcare within the Indian context.

An Introduction to Catholic Bioethics

This course is offered by the Bioethics Forum at St John's National Academy of Health Sciences, Bangalore. This course is primarily designed for Church leaders, health care workers, and those in the life sciences. It will take you through the basics of Catholic moral principles and help you apply the Catholic moral tradition to challenging contemporary issues in health care.

Palliative Care in the time of COVID-19

CHAI in collaboration with University of Melbourne and St. Vincent’s Hospital, Australia welcomes you to do the course on "Palliative Care in the time of COVID-19". It aims to empower doctors with skills necessary to relieve the suffering of palliative care patients, and their families. This course creates a space for clinicians who are facing challenges in managing palliative care patients amidst the COVID pandemic to discuss and learn from the expert faculty.

Community Health Learners Programme

CHAI welcomes you to this online, Community Health Enablers Program (CHLP), a joint venture of SOCHARA and CHAI. The course intends to build capacities to provide care in the COVID-19 era, building on principles of integrated, comprehensive primary health care. This is a unique course, organized in a self-paced manner on an online platform to enable the participants to complete the course at their convenience. The CHLP course will have 20 modules to cover in 9 months. Mentors will be available during the course to facilitate guidance.